Hemp Caterers is Seeking Job, Career & Business Opportunity Seekers NOW!

Greetings Cannapreneurs!


Thank you for your information request from HempCaterers.com

GoHireAVet.com is our parent company and handles all our recruiting, training & support as we begin to launch our incredible company in the exploding Cannabis & MMJ industry.


We’re seeking a wide range of jobs & career applicants for the emerging industry of Cannabis and the opportunities are truly endless! ¬†And we mainly focus our energies on the Military Community that protects our great country but whether you’re related to the military in any way or not or just want to help our Military Veterans with symptoms such as PTSD or TBI (aka Traumatic Brain Injury) we want your help!

We’re exciting to have an opportunity for you to come work with us and would encourage you to take this next step and RSVP to upload your resume and personally attend our local area Jobs, Careers & Business Opportunity Expo this Friday here in San Diego and you must RSVP to reserve your spot with us!


We’re looking to hire & begin training immediately here in San Diego so RSVP today with us by Clicking here!

(For reference GoHireAVet.com is our parent company and you will be dealing with our Military Community Members here in the SoCal area to begin with)


We will begin the hiring interviews & training process on Friday Nov. 13th between 11:00 am PST & 2 pm PST and you MUST RSVP to be able to attend the Jobs & Career Expo! No Exceptions! Seating and Interviews will be limited to only those who RSVP!

RSVP today and as a Special Offer and reward for your being on time attendance you’ll receive a Special Vacation Rewards Certificate but only if you have completed your RSVP & uploaded your resume into our system via our contact form by Clicking Here Today!

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