Pay It Forward Media Live on Palomar College TV is proud  to announce that one of our non-profit partners Pay It Forward Media will be broadcast via Palomar College’s website starting at 9:30 am until 10:00 am on Nov. 19th, Thursday live on Cox and Time Warner Cable, Channel 16 and AT&T Channel 99 in San Diego County.

Live streaming of the program online can be seen at

Pay It Forward Media is a San Diego, California based 501 (c) 3 non-profit that provides has been a sponsor of many military veteran support programs & causes here in San Diego, CA.  To find out more about the incredible work Pay It Forward Media does visit them today at:

PAYFrancesca & Dillan 1st Shoot w_Steph IT FORWARD MEDIA (PIFM)

Accomplishes Two Missions:

1) PIFM serves to educate, mentor, guide and provide support for job opportunities and internships to Underserved, At-Risk and Special Needs Youth in a full range of media platforms with practical applications to the real world, and

2) PIFM aids in assisting the Community by providing media support to the non-profit organizations to help them prosper.

PIFM provides programs that enable learning and true-life experiences and relationships with the community. PIFM creates a Career Advancement Channel that cultivates skills and exposes youth to the Media Industry Professionals so they can better compete to obtain Internships and Jobs in the Media World.

PIFM assists youth in acquiring Media knowledge and skills, while providing a service to the community, and after graduation, they have potential to become employed as mentors to new youth, who will acquire Media knowledge and skills, while providing a service to the community, and just like that, the amazing greatness loops back time and time again, paying it forward along the way.

Stephanie Sullivan
CEO/Executive Director

Steph w:PIFF Mic at American IdolStephanie Sullivan is a Community TV/Documentary Producer in San Diego who has volunteered for 12 years, producing over 60 TV Programs and Documentaries.  Stephanie has an incredible passion to help other volunteers that are involved with the Community of San Diego, as well as non-profit organizations and charitable events.

At age 19, Stephanie began working with her Father, an accomplished Mechanical Engineer, for the Eastman Kodak Company in San Diego. She spent 21-years with the Kodak Company working as Executive Assistant to the General Manager and later supporting several Chief Executives for the Motion Analysis Systems Division.

She has been an Executive Assistant for several other leading companies in San Diego and was formerly the Executive Assistant to Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Son of Legendary Science Fiction Producer, Gene Roddenberry, whose television series; “Star Trek” changed the face of television.  Additionally, she has been supporting him with The Roddenberry Dive Team (RDT) since it’s launch in 2009.

Stephanie also pursued a modeling career from age 17, and later took acting classes. She debuted as a Police Officer on “Silk Stalkings” and went on to work as an “Extra” on The Set of Stu Segal Productions and on the set of  “Pensacola”.

In 2002, her voiceover coach, Jill Lesly Jones, encouraged her to take a class at Del Mar Television to fulfill her dream to produce TV shows. This lead to a long and wonderful relationship with the Del Mar Television Foundation, where she went on to crew in over 40 Studio Productions produced by other Volunteer Producers, crewed as an Editorial Assistant and has also mentored several new Producers. Her passion for producing field documentaries grew into a vision to help underprivileged and special needs children learn her craft as a Volunteer Producer assisting the Community.  She began the long journey to found Community Visual Resource (CVR), the name and concept fittingly co-created by two Senior High School Students, Francesca Carter and Dillan Stockham.

What inspires Stephanie are her late Mother and Brother, who she lost far too soon. Stephanie’s Mother gave her some very special gifts…inner strength and love in her heart to help others. Her Mother worked as a Social Worker and gave her unconditional love to everyone she met. Stephanie’s journey has led her to do work so close to that of her Mother – sharing her love and knowledge with underprivileged, at-risk and special needs youth while capturing stories about the good others do.

What Stephanie believes is that you can achieve your dreams when your heart is full of love and happiness and your desire to share it with everyone you meet!

Click or scan the QR code and provide your email address for more information. Click or Scan the QR code and enter your email address for more information.


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