ClickMeeting Webinars for Recruiting Military Veterans for Jobs is proud to introduce ClickMeeting a company dedicated to serving & supporting our nations military communities via their online Webinars for Recruiting Military Veterans for Jobs to promote your “Military Friendly” Company Job Openings, Career Opportunities as well as Technical Training & Education Courses & Certifications.

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Some of the Benefits of Recruiting, Onboarding and Training Staff Using ClickMeeting Webinars:

  • Doing webinars is an effective and engaging way to deliver complex information about your jobs & career opportunities.
  • Training webinars also allow for personalized training sessions that can be used repeatedly.
  • Helping Our Nations Military Heroes find Rewarding Careers with Military Friendly Employers utilizing our cutting-edge Webinars!
  • We have partnered with in helping post-9/11 veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment with “Military Friendly” Employers, Technical Training & Educational Institutions and Veteran Owned Business Opportunities.
  • Create a virtual conference room — bring your dispersed workers together – with our custom-branded webinars!

Schedule your onboarding or training session, import employee email addresses into your address book, and send custom branded invitations for your event. Use the multi-user feature to allow your colleagues to schedule and run their own training sessions. Enable the waiting room and provide an agenda to keep your workers engaged before the session starts and let them know what to expect. Provide a message or files for download.

Deliver knowledge interactively.

Make difficult topics easy to understand. Share your documents, presentations and screen for a focused discussion. Illustrate your topic on a whiteboard or collaborate on a diagram with your attendees. Run collaborative exercises and tasks for your audience. Ask challenging questions in a Q&A sessions to invite participant responses. Encourage dialogue between participants by enabling a moderated chat. Run scored tests and gather feedback in real-time.

We know firsthand the kind of skills, experience and leadership that veterans bring to the table, so whether that means hiring people with a military background to work directly for us or helping them showcase their talents for other companies, we’re all in.

A Jobs & Career Webinar allows you to stay connected to the opportunities with “Military Friendly” Employers and the military community, while also giving you the opportunity to master new skills and take on fresh challenges while building your own business?

Webinars for Recruiting Military Veterans for Jobs

A career that offers a comfortable standard of living and compensation based on your effort and hard work? If this appeals to you, a career with a “Military Friendly” Employer may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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