"Puritii was the only thing we trusted for water in Afghanistan"

-Navy SEAL Team 5, Team Members

Military veteran filters his pee using Puritii filter and drinks it…Incredible Results

Kyle James tests out the Puritii water filter by filling up his bottle with his own urine on camera and drinks it. Pure, clean, good tasting water came out. Don't believe it? Watch the video.

Pee test with the Brita water filter… Very Weak Results

In the previous video, you witnessed pee turn into pure water using the Puritii filtration system. In this video you will witness what happens when you put pee into the popular Brita filter...You will be very disappointed...

Water that would kill you, is now drinkable!

Steve Walton took the Puritii water filtration system to Kenya and drank water out of a deadly toxic pond. Would you trust any other filtration system that much? Doubt it...

Puritii best water filtration system in the world, guaranteed.

This system is great for people who love to be outdoors and don't always have access to clean water. It is portable and easy to carry around.

Dick Gregory, one of America’s most influential men, is an avid supporter of Puritii. If he supports it then why wouldn’t you.

Mr. Gregory, considered "one of the 1000 men who built America", is passionate about brining pure water to the world and believes that Puritii is the only thing out there that can accomplish it.
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