Military Benefit Association

Our Military Benefit Association Story

Military Benefit Association (MBA) is a non-profit association created to safeguard and promote the economic welfare of current and former service members, federal employees, and their families.

You’ve helped protect the country.  We’ll help you protect your family.

Since 1956, Military Benefit Association (MBA) has been helping members improve the financial future of their loved ones. We currently have approximately 100,000 members from age 18 to 102, and we’ve served hundreds of thousands of members over the past 60 years.

Created by former service members, MBA is led by military of all ranks from all five branches. We’ve faced the same financial challenges as you, and we’re ready to help — whether you’re active dutyretired, a veteran or are about to make the transition from military to civilian life. MBA provides members with exclusive benefits and services, from financial education tools to affordable life insurance plans.

Military Benefit Association members rest easy knowing that they’re dealing with a time-tested, respected organization. MBA has $48 million in total assets, pays approximately $15 million in claims annually, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and partners with industry leaders such as MetLife, The Hartford, U.S. Bank and Liberty Mutual.

Separating Military Member

Military Benefit Association knows just how stressful it can be to make the move from the military to civilian life. And we are here to help you and your family make a smooth transition. We offer a range of services and benefits — from financial education resources to discounts on insurance — all aimed at lowering your stress and your expenses.

For example, we offer highly affordable life insurance coverage to help you protect your family at the lowest possible cost.  Military Benefit Association Level Term Life Insurance and Military Benefit Association Term 90 Plus offer solid coverage for you and your spouse at less than you may be paying for cable — and less than you may be planning to pay for VGLI. And, like VGLI, our coverage stays with you when you enter civilian life. Plus, Level Term and Term 90 Plus plans may include coverage for dependent children at no additional charge.

You may also want to consider Military Benefit Association Decreasing Group Term Life Monthly Income Plan Plus and Military Benefit Association NexGen Dependent Term Life Insurance, which provides affordable coverage for your kids under age 21.

You can schedule an appointment with us online below!


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Call 1 877-MBA-1020 (1 877-622-1020)
14605 Avion Parkway PO Box 221110
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Veterans Independence Project

About Us

Veterans Independence Project (V.I.P.) is a 501(c),(3) and will provide needed help to the “Homeless Heroes” who are now adapting to basic life after military service with training to equip them with job skills while living in a supportive environment.

Nationwide the number of homeless veterans is at 57,848. An increased number of younger veterans, both men and women, some with families are becoming homeless at rates faster of their Vietnam counterparts. California is home to nearly 2 million veterans, California has more homeless veterans than any other state. Roughly 25% of the nation homeless veterans, approximately 14,464 live in California. In 2013, the San Diego Region had 2,468 homeless veterans. In the City of San Diego there are 798 were living in shelters and 688 were living on the streets. According to data released by the Veterans Administration, 1,486 homeless are living in the City of San Diego.

Our Mission

Veterans Independence Project, established its mission to help the veterans in three ways;

1. To provide permanent, affordable, and supportive housing.

2. Enroll them in community college with the purpose of earning an Associate Degree that will provide career options.

3. Provide them with long-term employment through our entrepreneurial program. 

The entrepreneurial program will provide the veteran with the fundamentals, theories and the processes of business. The veterans will develop their business plan and utilizing their college business studies will launch their business enterprise. Veterans Independence Project believes that self-employment through education is key for the success of the veteran, instilling value, accomplishment, confidence and financial stability to assist them to integrate into the communities providing good and services.

(619) 567-9303
Director: Richard Valero
3802 Rosecrans Street #144
San Diego