About Us

We are a group of veterans who have experienced the struggles that veterans face when going out into the work force. The lack of jobs and/or quality of jobs that were presented to us after serving our country was very eye opening and disappointing. Our company GoHireAVet.com was established to help connect employers that are specifically looking to hire military veterans with veterans who are facing the same struggles that we once faced.

What many veterans don’t know is that there are many companies out there looking to hire veterans but they just don’t know how to advertise themselves or are simply unable to set up booths at job fairs as they are expensive, limited and geographically specific.

We have solved this problem with our new approach to the badly inept hiring system. We have done this through the use of “Online Virtual Job Fairs”. Not only are these virtual job fairs much less expensive for employers, but they are also more convenient for both us veterans and the companies looking to hire us. Taking job fairs online also allows for companies who have limited staffing and no time to attend physical job fairs, the resources to still get in contact with veterans.

We have established an abundance of connections across the states as we have previously worked for other companies in the veteran recruitment industry and have helped a large number of veterans find solid jobs. We believe we could do much better job of recruitment, so we teamed up together and started up GoHireAVet.com

As we grow and expand our business over the next couple of weeks and months, we expect to hold virtual job fairs on a daily basis instead of the weekly basis we have set up right now. We will also be looking to hire veterans to our company as our business expands. Our mission is to get EVERY veteran that signs up for our online job fairs the job they deserve.