A Tribute to Robin Williams Who Entertained & Loved Our US Troops

Last year on Aug. 11th, 2014 Robin Williams, an incredible “once in a lifetime” comedian with a heart & great soul as big as the universe died from suicide, a tragic lost also for the many men & women in the armed forces worldwide as Robin Williams cared so much & gave back of himself selfishly and traveled to many distance places were our US Troops are helping to keep us safe.  Robin Williams truly “Supported Our Troops”!

I had the honor of meeting Robin Williams myself when I worked as a bartender at the Comedy Store in Hollywood back in the late 1980’s, when he died last year I cried for hours and felt a true personal loss even more so because I also thought seriously about taking my own life back in 2013 but an event here in San Diego truly saved my life, that event is known as “Stand Down“.  Military Veterans are committing suicide at the rate of “22 A Day” and that must STOP!

But this is about a true Patriotic American – Robin Williams, my brother may you “Rest In Peace”  And I know that you’re probably keeping everyone in laughter where you’re at now – even “God” is still cracking-up over the “Platypus Joke”!! LOL!!  If you haven’t heard that one it’s in the video spots we’re included in some of Robin’s shows for the US Military Troops overseas, we hope you watch & enjoy our compilation of some of Robin’s incredible gift of Comedy for our Troops – It’s what we call “Comedy – the Chicken Soup for the Soul” of our Military Troops everywhere. Godspeed!

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Ric Hembree


US Navy Veteran 1977-82 and Internet Netrepreneur for over 22 yrs. Founder of GoHireAVet.com